Vegan Gifts for Christmas

We are coming to that time of year again we start to scratch out heads for an excellent and unusual gift for our loved ones.  My daughter this year hit us with the statement that she was turning to a vegan diet so I am beginning to think what I could buy her to encourage her with her diet and help her along.

I am thinking of getting some nice Vegan Gifts and have been trawling the internet looking for something novel and different which she will know that I have thought about a great deal.  Well I was surprised to find that now you can find are range of gifts that are suitable to the Vegan lifestyle and fit in with the beliefs and ethos of the Vegan society.
vegan gifts

But the first thing I had to do was to find out what a vegan really is. I know a vegetarian doesn’t eat meat but what does it mean to be vegan? well vegans like vegetarians don’t eat meat but they also don’t eat anything that is sourced by an animal. For example they won’t eat dairy products such as eggs, milk or honey as they feel that animals are being exploited by the trade and manufacturing of these food items. Moreover I also found that this goes into other areas as well as diet. Vegans will also not have anything that is sources for animals in their clothing so it’s no leather bags or shoes. But this can go a step further as it also means that they will not use any cosmetics, soaps, washing powder that are tested on or derived from animals.

With all this in mind I decided that I would look to buy something for my daughter that she could wear.

Vegan Gifts at High Street Stores.

I thought I might have to go to some specialist Vegan friendly stores to buy my daughter’s Vegan Gifts however to my surprise I found that nowadays most high street stores cater for the Vegan lifestyle.  Clothing is often marked up as being non wool, or faux leather so it is easy to know what to get. What is more, because the High Street stores stock these then they are always trendy and styled to the latest fashion.

As an added bonus, I also found a plethora of online shopping stores that provided an extensive range of clothing which was Vegan friendly. I found everything from shoes to handbags and also non woollen jumpers. To my amazement there were many ranges too that were created by some of the countries to designers.


Cruelty free cosmetics and Skin Care

Whether we are vegan or not we all need to take care of our skin and sourcing a good moisturising skin cream is always necessary. I was looking online for some moisturiser that was vegan friendly but would be at an affordable price so that I would feel free to use it everyday. I was looking for cruelty free cosmetics and general body moisturisers and facial creams and found many solutions which were suitable for whatever skin type you are from dry skin to more sensitive skin or even the greasy skin type.

As my skin tend to be dry in the winter time I was looking for a cream that would be hydrating and would replenish my skin with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. I found that Shea Butter is an excellent cream to really nourish the skin and give a smoothness which was comforting and also left my skin with a sheen that was almost glowing. I also found that if I had a cream with some botanicals in such as Aloe or Lavender then this attributed a more healthy appearance. An additional benefit of using these types of creams was that they were full of the natural antioxidants which of course slows the ageing process and reduces the wrinkles and crows feet of the over 50s.
cruelty free cosmetics

Cruelty Free Cosmetics and Concealers.

Having found the most appropriate skin care to add moisture to my skin I then needed to look at finding Cruelty Free Cosmetics which would provide me with a concealer. The concealer I was looking for needed to be hydrating and promote the moisturiser.

I found one which was described as hydrating and was really creamy so that it covered even the flakiest of skin blemishes including the driest of patches. It left my skin feeling really smooth and was easy to build it up in layers until it covered the blemish area with a matte sheen so that it did not stand out. The brand known as “Code Free” also offered a concealer which was suitable for all skin types and offered a range of thicknesses to that there was excellent coverage. There was also a wide range of colours available which was exceptional as it ranged from the lightest shades of Chantilly to the more pinky shades and even the exotic dark tans of the orient. What I did notice is the lighter colours were also more lightweight in that they were a thinner cream which meant that when used they were very subtle and were wonderful at concealing the slightest of blemishes.